Monday, February 11, 2013

Watch Spartacus Season 3 War of the Damned Episode 4 Online

Watch Spartacus Season 3 War of the Damned Episode 4 Online. Decimation will be our next episode for Spartacus War of the Damned airing this February 14, 2013. When I saw the trailer for this episode, it seems like Spartacus and his people will be attack by the Romans. For sure, Marcus Crassus already knew what just happened between the fight of Romans led by his son Tiberius versus the Spartacus alliances. And wait...the Pirates did helped them with that fight. Luckily, they survived but for sure, without the help of the Pirates, they will be defeated. It was really a very exciting episode. Especially the part when the Romans move forward to strike the Rebels and the Pirates. They had their wrong moved. Most of them were wounded and one of them was Tiberius. That will really happen to those arrogant people who was so wild in making decisions. They retreat! But wait, were the Pirates really be on the side of Spartacus later? Or they will be another enemy who will add spice on the story? Well, it's for you to find out guys.
All you have to do is Watch Spartacus War of the Damned Episodes here and be a part of their story until its finale. I assure you, whatever time you will give to this episode will be worth it. While Spartacus and some of his men were busy having transactions with the Pirates, inside the Gate, Naevia had a fight with the Black Smith. She believed that he was responsible for the run away of some of the captives Romans. Both of them had a fight that ended into the death of the Black Smith. In the end it was shown that it was actually Laeta who was helping them to escape. Was Naevia mistakenly believed that it was the Black Smith who helped them? Now that Tiberius was wounded, for sure the father Marcus Crassus will be very angry not only to his son for making a very bold decision but also to Spartacus. Be ready to witness another episode that will give us another day full of electrifying moments. Continue to find out if the Pirates can be really trusted. And see if what will be the next move of Marcus Crassus towards the Rebels. It's coming so soon guys.