Monday, March 11, 2013

Watch Spartacus Season 3 War of the Damned Episode 7 Online

Watch Spartacus Season 3 War of the Damned Episode 7 OnlineWill there still be chance for Spartacus and his people to fight and survived? Well, let us all watch this next episode 7 of Spartacus War of the Damned entitled "Mors Idecepta" this coming March 15, 2013. Spartacus and Marcus Crassus had their face to face glance but the fight was not tested. Spartacus and the rest of the rebels run away from their villa because it was totally covered by Romans led by Crassus. It was taken back by the Romans. What left of Spartacus and his people? They stayed in the middle of that cold snow. They were trapped and Spartacus knew everything about Crassus plans. What remains of them and how could they survived in that very cold place? For sure Spartacus has his own plans and surviving is one of it. The great battle is coming. With a lot of Romans coming after the Rebels, I am afraid Spartacus will fall in the hand of Marcus Crassus. Watching the trailer made me tremble. Seems like Crixus and Spartacus are fighting for different opinions. Spartacus do not want to put his people on afterlife while Crixus wants to put every sword in the hand of every rebels and face the Romans with all might. He doesn't want to die with sword and bow on his back. That was Crixus want. How will Spartacus lead his people when one of them is living with different opinion? Are you excited for the "Mors Indecepta" episode? Hang on guys! Days are coming so fast and when the time comes, have your comfortable position and Watch Spartacus Season 3 War of The Damned Episode 7 here.
Do you remember when Gannicus was trapped in the Romans camp? He offered himself to stay to delayed the Romans inorder for Spartacus and his people to escaped. Gannicus and Sybil were trapped and hide in a place where Laeta was also hidden. Caesar was not happy because they didn't totally captured Spartacus but Crassus explained to him that they always have time to catch Spartacus. On the other hand, Laeta was released in Caesar's command and also told the slaves to give her a bath and clean clothes. Without Laeta's knowing that she will be given to the Pirate Heracleo in exchanged of his betrayal to Spartacus. Laeta was shocked and cried but she didn't have any choice. She was now owned by Heracleo and to proved it, her hand was marked "H" as a sign that he was owned now by Heracleo. Gannicus and Sybil saw him and was so angry remembering the betrayal that he did to Spartacus. Gannicus also saw the pendant that give him free access on the gate. In the long run, Gannicus blocked him and wanted revenged for what he did also Gannicus wanted that pendant for them to escaped. Gannicus successfully killed all the men of Heracleo, and  when Heracleo was about to kill Sybil, Laeta buried the steel on his throat where he used it in marking his hand. And there they flee but on their way, Caesar felt something wrong about them. When Gannicus felt that , he right away attacked Caesar where Caesar was wounded. When they found chance to escape they took the horse and together with Sibyl they run away from the gate. Laeta was with them but was unluckily caught up by a spear on her side and was badly injured. In short they escaped and joined Spartacus again.
What will happen next on this battle between Spartacus and Marcus Crassus? Rebels versus Romans! The fight is getting intense and I am afraid for the result. But though, I need to Watch Spartacus War of the Damned Episode 7 Online to find out what will happen next. Stay tune guys!