Sunday, April 7, 2013

Watch Spartacus Season 3 War of the Damned Episode 10 Online

Watch Spartacus Season 3 War of the Damned Episode 10 Online. What Spartacus did inorder to honor the death of Crixus was indeed awesome. That Gladiatorial Game made every rebels felt at ease knowing that they revenge from what happened to their family and to some of the rebels during the battle of Crixus and Marcus Crassus. It's a big loss for Spartacus losing Crixus, but their fight must go on. Soon we will be witnessing the biggest battle of all time. Marcus and Spartacus will going to meet face on face atlast. Crassus might win over Spartacus because of the number of armies he have but Spartacus could also have the victory being wise and smart in decision making. Agron had returned but was deeply wounded. Tiberius was caught and was part of the Gladiatorial game. When it was his turn to fight when Naevia, Spartacus interrupted and an exchanged was made. 500 rebels in exchanged for Tiberius. A bartered made by Caesar. When Tiberius was released, he was unexpectedly killed by Kore. Spartacus told Kore that she risked the life of 500 rebels but Kore explained to him that Crassus would still continue what was bartered and later known that Kore was the one returned to Crassus with the dead Tiberius.
What will be the next move of Marcus Crassus knowing that he failed in saving Tiberius? Of course, Crassus will face the mighty Spartacus. On the last part of previous episode, Crassus told Caesar to prepare all his army in preparation for their attacked to Spartacus. Everybody might be very excited in this final battle between the Rebels and the Romans. Don't dare to miss watching this episode 10 of the Spartacus War of the Damned. Find out what will happen now to Kore if Crassus will find out she was the one responsible in the death of his son Tiberius. How will Spartacus face and smartly plan the angry Marcus Crassus? Could Agron still fight despite of the wound in his hand made by the nail when he was crucified? Who will remain standing? The Rebels or the Romans? Find out and see for yourself the ever exciting and bloody finale of Spartacus War of the Damned. Watch Spartacus War of the Damned Episode 10 Online - Victory preview and have a glimpse to what will happen in the finale of Spartacus War of the Damned.